Stop Your Back Pain Forever
This three-phase solution works even if you've tried chiropractors, hot packs, medication, injections, or even physical therapy and had no signs of improvement!

Hello, my name is Chad Madden, and I’m the Owner of Madden Physical Therapy in Harrisburg, PA in the United States, a clinic that specializes in permanent pain relief using proven modern physical therapy methods.

I first got interested in developing a program for back pain and sciatica after being overwhelmed with people emailing me for help from around the world.

It all started when I created a small YouTube Channel 7 years ago.

I recorded short videos to answer the most common questions I heard from my clients in plain English; NOT big complicated words that doctors use.

And seemingly overnight, the videos became a YouTube sensation with over 630,000 viewers a month, surpassing 17 million total views and 52,000 subscribers.

A number of people were so desperate for relief they called my office directly demanding help.

Since then we’ve had clients fly 1,628.8 miles to my clinic from Colorado and drive hundreds of miles from Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia, Washington D.C.

I’ve even treated international clients over webcam!

There was so much demand for my time I knew there had to be a better way…

So I partnered with the BEST back pain and sciatica specialists to develop a program that could permanently heal back pain anywhere in the world.

And we've made it simple enough so that anyone can follow along -- even if they barely speak English.

Introducing "The Back to Normal" Program
The Safe and Natural Way To END Your Back Pain and Sciatica ...Forever!
This revolutionary treatment for back pain is called "Back to Normal", and it’s a sweat-free video exercise program PROVEN to heal your back pain and sciatica permanently!

The Back to Normal Program contains 3 Phases of healing that works by quickly relieving your pain and inflammation, then getting your strength and movement back, and finally you'll return to a normal pain-free life, without the fear of sudden flare-ups or re-injury.

The video exercises are all delivered online and can be accessed from any computer, smartphone or iPad in the world connected to the internet, so you can do them at work, at home and even on the road.

You simply follow along with the sweat-free exercise videos, and suddenly, you’ll notice that you no longer have the pain, numbness and tingling that’s been a part of your life for so long… all you have to do is press play.

Why Three Phases Work Better Than One
Most back pain treatment programs you’ll find online are just quick fixes… they don’t address the true cause of your pain.

And you may have found one that works, but your pain and flare-ups keep coming back.

It’s not your fault, you have only discovered how to relieve your pain temporarily… not how to permanently heal the true cause of your back pain and sciatica.

That is why the Back to Normal Program includes 3 phases of healing:

Phase 1 - Quickly get rid of your pain, numbness, and tingling:
In this phase, we're focused on controlling pain and reducing inflammation. We promote healing through pain-free or centralized exercise.

Phase 2 - Get back to moving normally, feeling stronger and feeling younger again:
In phase 2, we focus on restoring a normal range of motion so your quality of life dramatically improves. You'll also regain a normal amount of strength so you will soon be able to perform your regular daily tasks again.

Phase 3 - Get back to a normal life and doing the activities you want to do:
In the final phase, we maximize strength and range of motion so you can return to activities of daily living. We'll also learn exactly how to prevent re-injury and future episodes of pain.

"Now after 5 months, I haven't done any exercises at all, cause I'm totally fit to go for an hour walk, and can even after that, stay on my feet for as long as i want.

I am completely back to normal, without the need of an operation, as was advised from my spine surgeon who examined me."​

Patrick Borg
Age 58, Revere, MA

"Now i am able to get up from a chair without assistance, walk confidently and sit for long periods of time. I can also stretch out any pain that i have at the end of day due to my over-zealousness."
Janice H.
Age 51, Sacramento, CA

"This week I've been 100% consistent doing the Phase 2 exercises I have almost zero pain. Occasionally I get a "tweak" or a sensation long periods of sitting are Not Good `cuz i get stiff. I'm surprised that my pain is nearly gone at this relatively early stage of the program."​
Jerry L.
Age 69, Albrighstville, PA​

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Daniel Hinnerschitz
Back Pain and Sciatica Specialist

Dr. Joseph Hribick
Back Pain and Sciatica Specialist

Dr Matthew Conroy
Back Pain and Sciatica Specialist

As you can see from the testimonials above, Dr. Joe, Dr. Dan and Dr. Matt are world-class, real-world physical therapists who have a proven track record of helping people with even the most difficult cases of sciatica.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need special equipment?
My team and I take a minimal approach to physical therapy. If you visit our clinic there is very little equipment, none of which is required to perform your exercises at home.

In the course we give you alternatives to every exercise, so you are able to complete all of them without any additional equipment. If you do choose to buy some equipment it is all very inexpensive and easy to buy online or from a store.

How long will it take me to be healed?
As I stated before, everyone is a little different. On average a normal healthy person can see relief in phase 1 in around 2-4 weeks, regain their strength and flexibility in phase 2 in around 2-4 weeks as well. In phase three it can take around a month to be completely healed.

Some health conditions that slow down the healing process are diabetes and heart disease.

I cannot tell you exactly how long it will take you, but I always recommend taking the healing process one day at a time until you're healed.

Which exercises do I do?
A lot of folks I hear from always ask me which exercises do I if I have [certain type of pain]?

The honest answer is, "I don't know. Let's test."

In this course, you will be given detailed videos and a demographic checklist to determine the ONE true cause of your sciatica. Based on that diagnosis you will begin one of three exercise programs included in the course.

Can I continue my current exercise: biking, swimming, running, etc?
As long as the activity does not intensify your pain, you can continue to exercise normally along with the exercises you will learn in the course.

If you are currently pushing through the pain during exercise I recommend you stop until you are able to complete the 3 phases of healing.

What if my doctor says I have a herniated disc, SI Joint issue, or Stenosis, NOT sciatica?
There are three causes of sciatica: a herniated disc, SI Joint or Stenosis. Each one requires a different set of exercises to heal.

In this course, my team will take you through a series of movement test and have you use a demographic checklist to determine which ONE is the true cause of your sciatica.

Once you have a diagnosis you will know exactly which one of the 3 included exercise programs to follow.

Will the pain come back?
If you complete the 3 phases of healing outlined in this course AND continue to maintain your health 1-2 times a week your possibility of pain returning is extremely low.

Not completing the 3 phases or maintaining your health has a much higher probability of the pain returning.

What if I cannot afford to join?
Money is tight. I understand. And that is why my team and I decided to redesign this course to be as affordable as possible.

3 Payments of $49 is the lowest I can set the price and just about break-even on the technology, a staff of 5, and materials required to run this program. And we are confident you cannot get the same results for less anywhere else. 

Just look at what your other options are:
  • A back surgery starts at $90,000 if there are no complications.
  • Epidural series start at $5,100 for a series of three PAINFUL injections.
  • Paying cash of pocket for a Physical Therapist for 6 weeks is $1350, or your minimum co-pays with insurance for 6 weeks of care is $585. 
  • A chiropractor will charge you $60 per visit for the rest of your life!
  • Buying our old 4-week program, “The Sciatica Bootcamp” cost $397

My only question to you is what is a lifetime of normal pain-free living worth to you?

Enroll Today and Begin the Path Back to Normal.

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In this digital version of the book, Chad takes you step-by-step through the healing process for the 3 leading causes of back pain and sciatica. What causes it, how to treat it, and the common mistakes that hold most people back and how to avoid them. The book will be instantly emailed to you after your purchase.
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If you decide at any time in the first 60 days that Back To Normal isn't doing what I say it will, we’ll refund ALL of your money… no questions asked!

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I wish my workman comp would have given me this course instead of sending me to a clinic. The physical therapists in my area have terrible hours, so i had get up 4am to see one before work. I was losing sleep 3 times a week to have someone watch me perform the exercises myself, what a waste of time.

I'm loving this program! The exercises work at home and my office, so now I'm getting a full nights sleep, saving time and seeing results.

Jean Burbank
Age 47, Fridley, MN